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Transcript Request

Current Salem Hills High School students must first apply to a college before requesting that a transcript be sent to that college.  Current students should go to the counseling office and request a transcript in person.

Graduated students (alumni) may request an official transcript by filling out the form below. There is a $7 fee  that can be paid online using My Payments Plus.  If the transcript should be sent to more than one institution please complete the form again for multiple requests.  Transcripts will be sent in 2-5 business days.

To make a payment, go to My Payments Plus.  Please pay $5 per transcript requested plus a $2 transaction fee.

  1. Click on Sign In to create an account. 

  2. Once logged in, select Nebo-Salem Hills High School for the school. 

  3. Select Public Items, and choose Transcripts.  Click  Add to Cart.

  4. Choose Continue to checkout, then proceed with your online payment.

  5. Make sure to fill out the form below.

Transcript will be processed once payment is received 

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