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SHHS Class Change Policy

  1. Class change dates vary from year to year. Please check your school email and our website for updated information on class change dates. Classes can only be changed during our published class change dates. Changes made prior to the start of the semester are free.

  2. Class changes made from the 1st to 4th day of class will be charged a $10 fee. All changes from this point forward need to be approved by an Administrator. Parent and Student will need to meet with an Administrator prior to meeting with a counselor to get the change approved. If approval is granted then Student and Parent will meet with Counselor to arrange the change.

  3. Starting on the 5th day of class through midterm, changes must be approved by an administrator and may result in a WP or WF posted to transcript depending on exit grade. 

  4. After midterm = F grade and loss of credit, student will be counseled to stay in the class until the end of term.

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